Barcelona 3-3 Draw Liverpool 7-1 Win Fans Reaction!

Barcelona possibly goes to Europa League what can say Fans?

Hopefully, they’ll kick Xavi out, there are no more excuses, injuries, or anything, it’s not possible that we’re practically eliminated, it can’t be, we’re Barcelona, ​​when we’ve worried about going to the round of 16, this is a joke, that they dismiss him Already.

Because the coach is literally the players, that’s why he has the starters and that’s why it stings he didn’t play a minute in the first 5 days, the fault is not the coach’s, it’s the players

The best thing is that people talk after the results as if now the coaches had crystal balls… Dembele already needed his band and Ansu minutes to open the match but since he doesn’t have a crystal ball to see the future, he can’t imagine that Ansu was still so bad.

In my opinion, Barca draws the match and now needs to Miracle for going to the next stage in the UCL but we say give Xavi some more times everyone saw the football fans Mikel Arteta Arsenal is now on fire but this is his 3rd year of the team

And Liverpool 7-1 Win Liverpool Fans wait many days for this day possibly they are back right track before the Sunday they meet the big Match against Manchester City and the Egyptian King is Back

Let’s go we see Klopp Liverpool’s 7-1 Reaction for the Fans.

A memorable #UCL night in Glasgow

What we learned: Let Salah play to his goalscoring strengths instead of hogging the touchline. We do it four times faster without Henderson than with Henderson. Elliott is a good player, but don’t play him in RCM. Somewhere there is a beast. Robo is energizing with the upcoming City…

7 up Great performance from Liverpool in the second half. Great victory in Ibrox. So many positives. In Kona, Núñez scored Salah’s hat trick and Bobby Brillante’s again. Let’s start the season now and play as we do. A great victory. Happy redmen’s day. #YNWA

Egyptian King is Back Reaction for Fans, Salah started scoring goals now that Liverpool will be back in business, The fastest hat-trick in the Champions League? This is happening. In 5 minutes? I don’t remember anyone scoring a hat trick in 5 minutes.