UCL Top 4 Possible Candidates to Qualify for the 2022/23 Finals?

Once again, Real Madrid returned to the season retaining the 2021/22 UEFA League Champions title. The line-up is ready for the UEFA Champions League group stage 22/23 Season. 26 teams are selected according to their domestic season ranking and the remaining 6 teams will be selected after the results of the qualifying rounds.

The 2022/23 UEFA season was scheduled to start on June 10th and due to the final, which was played on September 06, 2022,

All previous champions appear, especially Chelsea who won the 2020/21 UEFA, season and Man City who won the EPL Champions title in the 2021/22 season. Surely this season is going to be tough for the rest of the contenders.

Don’t forget PSG, whose starting players are assembled and led by Christophe Gaultier, PSG star Messi and other players in fine form in Gaultier’s system, Neymar’s new man, are poised to finish in at least the top two It is not easy to compete against all rivals in UEFA because it is a game where the champions fight for the title.

If we look at the 21/22 status of the previous season, we see that Manchester City of the English Premier League Winner and Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man United easily reached the group stage, while the Spanish club Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, and the French club Paris saint Germain. And the German club Bayern Munich and the Italian club Inter Milan, Juventus topped their group and easily advanced to the knockout stage.

In this season everything can be expected, and any progress can surprise everyone. It seems that Real Madrid’s morale is at an all-time high in this competition and their players under the guidance of Carlo Ancelotti are ready to beat their opponents and carve out a place in the top 4 not easily.

PSG has a good team combination, with Messi and Neymar leading from the CF position. Well, the stats show that Barcelona under Xavi is now in a good position with Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, and Man City having a significant chance of finishing in the top 4. All of these expectations are the reason for their consistent performances in the domestic season. For his previous win ratio.

a surprise can be expected from Liverpool, as being runner-up in the 2021/22 season this team could make its place among the top 4.

Let’s wait for the group stage matches and enjoy the fight between the champions, the clash of champions can be called.