How much money will World Cup winners get?

The World Cup kicks off on Sunday in Qatar with 32 teams participating, and the curtain closes on November 18 with the final. The International Football Federation (FIFA) has increased this year's World Cup prize money.

FIFA will provide a total of $440 million for this World Cup. $40 million more than the last time 2018, the 2014 FIFA World Cup had $358 million in prize money.

Each of the teams eliminated from the group stage in the World Cup will receive $9 million each. If you come before the quarter, you will receive 1 crore 3 million dollars. 1 crore 7 million dollars if you make it to the quarterfinals.

The fourth place in the tournament will receive $25 million dollars. The third place winner will receive $27 million. The second team will receive $30 million. The champion in the final will receive $42 million dollars.