Rooney would love to see the World Cup with Messi or Ronaldo

Argentine star Lionel Messi and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo It is on the list of the best football players today. Their careers were filled with success in football clubs.

But the national team’s biggest failure was not winning the ‘World Cup’. The careers of these two stars are also coming to an end.

Argentina has won the World Cup twice before, but Portugal has yet to win one.

Ronaldo’s team didn’t even make it to the final. Messi-Ronaldo who debuted in 2006, getting older every day Rumor has it this could be their last World Cup. Rooney wants one of them to shine in the final chance to win the World Cup.

“The idea of ​​leaving a legacy in football definitely worked for him (Messi), I would love to see Messi or [Cristiano]. Ronaldo won the World Cup,” he said in an interview with the Times of India. It would be a fitting end to their incredible career.’

Messi dominated club soccer, winning a record seven Ballon d’Or awards. He had to wait 28 years to win the international title. That wait ended last year. He won the Copa America’s Cup. But the World Cup title hasn’t been taken home by the PSG striker. Should Messi push harder to seize one last chance in the final season of his career? Rooney says it is not a matter for Messi.

“Messi is used to dealing with people’s expectations (pressure). I’m sure Messi will do whatever she can to win Argentina.

Argentina’s World Cup kicks off with a meeting with Saudi Arabia next Tuesday (November 22). Ronaldo’s side take on Ghana in their opening match.