Messi on the plane Barcelona To Paris Sign A New PSG Player

Lionel Messi relics in Barcelona and is still to join the new club in spite of worrying circumstances over his signing for Paris Saint-Germain, He was seen resting at home after a day of rumor, even though some of the journalists claimed that he was leaving Barcelona for Paris.

Messi brought Luis Suarez to play paddle tennis day after day as the cameras began to camp outside his home, PSG fans out in force at the airport and outside the stadium in the hope of catching a sight of the GOAT by spreading he rumors that Messi is going to France.

The latest updates suggest that Messi is reviewing PSG’s offer and it seems Messi will end up with Mauricio Pochettino’s team.

Reports in France say there is “optimism” a deal will be done but also warn that “everything can change from one moment to another.”

Even though it’s assumed Messi will be joining PSG, but still there is no confirmation regarding this issue.

The GOAT is not expected to travel to France until the deal has been wrapped up and doesn’t want to rush his decision even though PSG is pressing to complete the signing.

Until the agreement is finalized, the GOAT is not expected to travel to France and PSG does not want to blast into its decision despite pressure to complete the signing.