Pep Joseph Guardiola, Right and Wrong Decision in His Managerial Era

Joseph Guardiola Sala, a Spanish professional footballer, and a successful manager. Named as one of the most successful and consistent managers in Spanish league history. Three consecutive La Liga champions title, two UEFA champions league crown, and one English Premier League title made Guardiola a sensation in club football good books.

Guardiola played his entire career as a defensive midfielder and kept himself with Barcelona for many years. His decision to hold himself with Barca was appreciable and we believe he must be thinking to reserve himself later, yet we have seen him managing the entire Barcelona successfully for the 7 years.

All in his managerial era Guardiola has made several decisions that caused him great loss and some of them give him a good return. Although there are other highly respectful managers like Jose Mourinho, Roberto Mancini, Zainuddin Zidane, and Sir Alex Ferguson are famous for their managerial decisions, this 41-year “Pep” continues to impress his followers and teammate through his bold and quick decisions.

During the Bayern Munich days. Pep faced several controversies against him. it was not calm for him to left Barcelona and join a German football club, this decision was vague, and fan-like us didn’t understand why he left Barcelona where he was a cash-cow.

He faced the real picture when Real Madrid beat Bayern in the champions league final with two consecutive leg wins. The Guardiola blamed for his poor managerial skills and lack of experience but the players never minded and agreed on a team’s collective failure but not only Pep’s fault. He left Bayern in 2016 and joined Manchester City as a manager.

Another managerial era failure comes to meet Guardiola, when his clashes with Zlatan Ibrahimović took hype. Zlatan played several matches with Guardiola and been a part of Barca for a longer period. But all sudden Guardiola changed his strategy for Zlatan for his position which leads to a clash between both, and the thirty years old (now 38) left the club and joined AC Milan which caused a $94 million deal loss for Barca, Wow!

This migration has erupted a bad aspect of Guardiola managing style and can never be forgotten by the Barca Fans.

The most recent event or can say a bold decision took by Guardiola which mesmerized the entire managers and they likely to express their feelings against this odd decision, but Pep is ready to implement it. The Manchester City players have given rights to choose their captain, said by pep Guardiola in a press conference. Yes! you have heard it right. it Is due to the 2020/21 season win? we don’t assume it. Whether the decision is right or wrong, we will see its aftermaths later on but right now this tactic is shrewd and will keep challenging other managers to have a keen look on their players’ confidence upon them.

A perfect strategy!