English Premier League Top 4 Predict for 2021-22 Season?

Finally, the wait is over for the EPL fans. As promised the Premier league officially kicked off on 13 August 2021. All rumors get sunk into a deep-sea right after the three matches were played on the first day of the season.

This new season of EPL 2021-22 will be full of surprises for its fans, as its curiosity developed hype when Norwich, Watford, and Brentford qualified in the league after Seventy Four, one, years gap respectively. It was a moment of joy for their fans to see their player’s performance on the ground.

But wait, the craze isn’t ended yet. The fans are overwhelming for their team’s performance, as per the stats shows Liverpool, Brighton, and Tottenham are leading into the table. But who will be on the top 4 when all teams have played their 38 matches? don’t bite your nails, even we are in hurry to know the results.

Back in the 2020-21 season, Man City performance has been outstanding that took them towards lifting the EPL trophy. And if we keep our eyes on EPL 2019-20 season the Liverpool performed extraordinary that led them to lift the trophy.

In 2016/17, Chelsea dominates on the entire season with 38 games they have won 30 games with only 3 loss. All these efforts made them champions Chelsea Are champions of Europe in 2020/21 Season. Along with all of the Manchester United found so consistent that their standings can be witnessed on at least the top 4 in all previous four years seasons.

So, what are we expecting for the EPL 2021/22 season, is there any change would occur or all 4 teams will manage to stand themselves among the top 4? Well, it is quite certain to pinpoint right now but yes, on upon the previous stats and their current team conditions and morals they can be there at the end of the season.

The entire 4 teams Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Chelsea are champions and they have won EPL seasons too many times. Considering them for group toppers is justifiable. For the season 2021/22, all teams are set to begin their matches with victory and for sure they will try to maintain their victory status until the end of the season.

If you are their followers, just sit back and relax as most of the Football Guru’s has acknowledged their standings consistency and claimed for their top 4 positions in the group. Although there are other rivals exist but these 4 teams have some guts in them because they proved themselves right always by performing extraordinary and astoundingly.