UEFA Champions League Top 4 Candidates to Qualify for the 2021/22 Finals?

Yet again Chelsea returns to the season holding the title of Champion for UEFA 2021/22 league. The lineup is all set for the UEFA champions’ league group stage. Twenty-six teams are shortlisted on upon their domestic season standings and the rest of 6 will be selected after qualifying round results.

UEFA 2021/22 season aimed to start on 22 June and due to the final, which was played on 25 August 2021,

All the previous champs seem motivated, especially Bayern Munich which won the 2019/20 UEFA season, and Man City which just clinched the EPL Champion title for the 2020/21 season. It is for sure this season is going to be tough for other rivals.

Don’t forget the PSG, whose start players are gathered around and under the leadership of Pochettino, the PSG Sign Messi and other players are all set to at least remain in the top two. Competing from all the rivals in UEFA isn’t easy because it’s a game in which champions battle for the title.

Remember the Paris come-back in the 2019/20 Season when Juventus and they fight to qualify for the finals with Bayern Munich. What does it seem, can we see the same thrilling games for this season as well?

If we look at the previous season standings, it’s been noticed that English premier league teams Manchester City, Man United and Liverpool, Chelsea found reaching in the Group Stage easily, whereas Spanish club Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona French club Paris and German club Bayern And Italy Club Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus remains topper in their group and easily head through the knock out stage.

In this season, anything can be expected, any breakthrough can surprise everyone. It looks like Real Madrid moral is at the top and its players under the Carlo Ancelotti are all set to defeat their opponents and make their place easily in the top 4.

The Man United has a good team combination, having Christiano Rolando in the team leading form the CF position. Well, as per the stats shows Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, and Chelsea have significant chances to stand in the top 4. All these anticipations are the reason for the consistent performance in their domestic seasons as well as for their previous winning ratios.

In a  meanwhile, a surprise can be expected from Man City, as being runner up in the 2020/21 season this team could make its place among the top 4.

Let’s wait for the group matches and enjoy the battle between champions, could say clash of champions.