Neymar walks in wandering on his way to Qatar!

Brazilian soccer player Neymar. The WC is on and he’s wandering around the desert on his way to Qatar! Signing fans, getting accused. Reading the news should be your eye! Because how is this possible? This is how one of Brazil’s best players will go during the World Cup!

In fact, the person talking is not the real Neymar. fake Neymar His name is Eigon Oliver. He looks just like Neymar. Their behavior is just like Neymar’s. That is why whoever sees it may be surprised. Neymar Jr himself may have been surprised by Oliver.

Sometimes on the street in a Brazilian jersey, sometimes with a training kit, and sometimes in the stadium to watch a match.

Eigon Oliver’s Instagram social media profile name is Sosia Doney. He has around 9 lakh followers. Like Neymar, he regularly appeared on social media in disguise.

Eigon Oliver was photographed in the center of Doha, the capital of Qatar. Cameras and fans follow him. Planned and organized.

But fans are taking selfies with this fake Neymar thinking they are their favorite footballer. Not only that, but media workers also take her interview knowing that it is fake or genuine. Eigon Oliver also answers everyone’s questions fluently and signs autographs.