Ronaldo’s Message to Neymar – come back stronger

Neymar Junior arrived at the Qatar World Cup in great form. In the first match, however, he was kicked out because he sprained his leg.

The Brazilian forward’s performance in the group stage is also uncertain. But in such difficult times, you will not win the sympathy of the fans; Many began to fight for him.

The team’s best striker is injured, and the people of his country sympathize with him, which is desirable. But after his unexpected injury, the people of the country started criticizing Neymar. Trolling on social media. Teammate Casemiro said the reason he trolled Neymar was political.

Neymar supported the controversial president Jair Bolsonaro against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the elections held in Brazil a few days ago. Neymar said he will score Bolsonaro’s first goal in this World Cup. The Brazilian people have turned their backs on Neymar. Even some of them expressed their excitement about the news.

A few days ago, Neymar’s national teammate Rafinha that the joy of some men in Brazil over the news of Neymar’s broken leg is sad. Brazilian midfielder Casemiro also said the same thing. This time, host cup winner Brazilian legend Ronaldo Nazario stood next to him. In an open letter, ‘The Phenomenon’ has given a message to stand by Neymar.

In an open letter, he wrote on Instagram to encourage 2022 World Cup hero Neymar, “I couldn’t have started the open letter any other way, you are amazing Neymar! Giant! Most Brazilians love you as I do. Your talent has taken you to such heights that people from all over the world love you.’

“There’s a reason, the fame and heights you’ve risen to, you’ve also had to deal with jealousy and negativity. Celebrating the damage of a star like you raises the question, where are we going? What’s this world like? What message are we passing on to the next generation? There will be some, but it’s sad to see society unquestioningly accepting intolerance and hate speech.

Ronaldo explained the reason why he wrote a letter to Neymar, “My letter is against these destructive words. Come back stronger! Be smarter. Let the hunger for goals increase. The good you do on and off the pitch is much better than envying people.

Never forget for a moment that you have become an icon in world football by traveling. Brazil loves you! Real Brazilian fans want to see your goals, dribbling, courage, and joy in the game. Do not attach so much importance to cowardly and envious people. Enjoy the love of the people of the country. You will turn your back on Turn violence into power.

Along with Neymar, Danilo was injured against Serbia. Brazil will play against Switzerland today at 22:00 Bangladesh time. Rodrigo and his team can replace Neymar and Danilo in this match. “I urge everyone who reads this letter to send a positive message to Neymar, Danilo, and the Brazilian national team,” Ronaldo said.